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07 June 2017

The colour of wines study on “Discover the king Tutankhamun documentary of the national TV in Japan (NHK)

On the 8th of June 2017, the National TV of Japan (NHK) came to the Scientific and Technical Services of the Parc Científic of the Universitat de Barcelona to interview Maria Rosa Guasch Jané for the “Discover King Tutankhamun” documentary. In this tv interview, she explained her research study of the colour of Tutankhamun’s wines.

27 March 2016

LECTURE AT THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL PHARMACISTS Presentation of the research in Barcelona on the 27th May 2016

aefi logoOn the 27th of May 2016 Maria Rosa Guasch Jané has presented the lecture entitled “The Irep en Kemet Project: Study of the ancient Egyptian wine culture through the archaeological evidences” to the Asociación Española de Farmacéuticos de la Indústria (AEFI), an audience of pharmacists working on the pharmaceutical laboratories in Spain.

26 August 2015

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EGYPTOLOGISTS XI, held in Florence (Italy) from the 23rd to the 30th of August 2015

On the 26th of August 2015, the ‘Irep en Kemet’, Wine of Ancient Egypt, research project director, Dr. Maria Rosa Guasch Jané, has presented the oral communication entitled “The complete corpus of viticulture and winemaking scenes from the ancient Egyptian private tombs” in the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EGYPTOLOGISTS XI, held in Florence (Italy) from the 23rd to the 30th of August 2015.

31 October 2016

EUROMED 2016 WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE CONFERENCE held at Nicosia (Cyprus) from the 31st of October to the 5th November 2016

On the 4th of November 2016, Maria Rosa Guasch Jané will present the project paper entitled “An Interdisciplinary Study on the Ancient Egyptian Wines: the Egywine Project” at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL HERITAGE EUROMED 2016 in Nicosia (Cyprus).

07 September 2015

‘Wine’: 548-551, The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia, 2015.

aoffoodGuasch-Jané, Maria Rosa 

‘Wine’: 548-551, The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia, 2015. 

Entry on wine in The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia. First reference work on the study of food and foodways through archaeology. 

Editors: Karen Metheny, Mary C. Beaudry, Archaeology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University (US).

18 March 2015

Paleopathology continuing education course 2014-2015, Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, 18th march 2015.

With a conference entitled “Culture and symbolism of wine in ancient Egypt. The wines of the burial chamber of Tutankhamun”, Dr Maria Rosa Guasch Jané, was part of the 2014-2015 continuing education course of Paleopathology organized by the Catalan and Balearic association of paleopathologists.

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