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On Egyptian wine marketing

Guasch, Maria Rosa

Proceedings of the Third International Congress for Young Egyptologists: Commerce and Economy in Ancient Egypt, Budapest (Hungary), September 25-27 2009. Edited by: A. Hudecz and M. Petrik.

British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International Series 2131 (2010): 57-63. Oxford: Archaeopress (ISBN 9781407306728).

ABSTRACT: This paper presents an investigation aiming to determine the importance of the data inscribed on the wine-jars bearing on the source, quality and prestige of wines in ancient Egypt. The inscriptions on the wine-jars will be compared with the labels of modern wines to determine common characteristics.


Questions arising are: does the European legislation consider aspects already included in the Egyptian inscriptions? What are the main data that are still found in modern wine labels that are commonly used as criteria when selecting a wine? For achieving this, we will review the European Union guidelines to investigate what is described regarding the labels of wine bottles as well as the particularities of bottling that are both the most important guarantees for the quality of the product.

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